About ECore Cables

ECore-BoxECore Cables is a premier manufacturer of cables, connectors, and installation equipment.  Our end-to-end products are used by consumers and businesses to facilitate networking, integrate systems, and access information.  They are used in all types of industries including data communications, A/V, RF, and retail sales.  At ECore Cables, we are committed to delivering reliable, high quality products, that remain affordable.  We accomplish this by only manufacturing the essential, most popular, most in-demand items.  Our many years of servicing the low voltage  industry, coupled with our own research and development, gives us the unique insight to select and mass produce successful product lines.

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ECore Cables has a rewarding reseller program. To find out more please contact us.

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ECore cables can be purchased from a wider variety of stores. You can find our list of distributors here:

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