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What is a CL2 Rated Jacket?

All of our ECore HDMI cables are comprised of a PVC (polyvinyl chloride) jacket.  This is the standard […]

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What is an Audio Return Channel?

The HDMI 1.4 specification allows TVs to send audio data upstream to a receiver or surround sound controller. […]

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What is Deep Color?

Deep Color increases the amount of color variance into the millions. Now HD TVs can replicate any color […]

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What is Content Type Technology?

Content Type Technology allows simple automated picture settings depending upon the source; auto switching to the correct viewing […]

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What is 4K Resolution?

HDMI 1.4 specification supports super sized video resolutions. Today most systems top out at 1080p, but now we […]

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What is 3D TV?

At home 3D TV is becoming feasible. With current technological advancements, 3D viewing without glasses is right around […]

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What is a HDMI Ethernet Channel?

HDMI has become the standard connector for high definition audio and video. With the latest revision HDMI can […]

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What are High Speed HDMI with Ethernet cables?

HDMI cables have undergone a recent change. With the ratifications of version 1.4, five different standards of HDMI […]

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