HDMI Cables

Our Line Up

ECore Basic



  • High Speed with Ethernet
  • 0.5M – 5M Available
  • Next Generation of HDMI Technology

Packed with the features you need at a budget price, Ecore Basic is the highest value HDMI cable. Perfect for home users.

Enhanced Core



  • High Speed with Ethernet
  • Increased Signal Integrity
  • Long Distance Ready up to 15M

Picking up where Ecore Basic left off, we’ve increased the internal structure to offer you a high performance HDMI cable

Elite Core



  • High Speed with Ethernet
  • Longest Distance Ready up to 20M
  • Professional Grade Construction

The Elite is designed for people who demand the best. Top shelf components deliver the ultimate in HD fidelity

Ergo Core



  • High Speed with Ethernet
  • Right Angle Connector
  • Perfect for wall mounted TVs

All of our killer features, presented in a unique form factor. For unique professional looking installations choose Ergo Core

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HDMI Cable Part Numbers

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic”]Length,[align-center]ECore%20Basic,[align-center]Enhanced%20Core,[align-center]Elite%20Core,[align-center]Ergo%20Core|0.5%20Meter,[align-center]41-142-0.5M%20,[align-center]41-143-0.5M%20,[align-center]41-144-0.5M%20,[align-center]41-145-02M%20|1%20Meter,[align-center]41-142-01M%20,[align-center]41-143-01M%20,[align-center]41-144-01M%20,[align-center]41-145-03M%20|2%20Meter,[align-center]41-142-02M%20,[align-center]41-143-02M%20,[align-center]41-144-02M%20,[align-center]41-145-05M%20|3%20Meter,[align-center]41-142-03M%20,[align-center]41-143-03M%20,[align-center]41-144-03M%20,[align-center]–|5%20Meter,[align-center]41-142-05M%20,[align-center]41-143-05M%20,[align-center]41-144-05M%20,[align-center]–|10%20Meter,[align-center]–,[align-center]41-143-10M%20,[align-center]41-144-10M%20,[align-center]–|15%20Meter,[align-center]–,[align-center]41-143-15M%20,[align-center]41-144-15M%20,[align-center]–|20%20Meter,[align-center]–,[align-center]–,[align-center]41-144-20M%20,[align-center]–[/vc_table]

ECore Dealer Benefits

  • No Minimum Order
  • No Stocking Requirements
  • No Buy-ins
  • Free Blind Drop Ship
  • 24/7 Order Entry
  • Same Day Shipping
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