Ergo Core HDMI

Our Ergo Core High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet features the same ultimate quality as the Elite Core cable with a single right-angle connector. Choose the Elite Core cable if you are installing a monitor in a tight-space or mounting it on a wall.

As breakthroughs in consumer electronics and home theater have continued to develop so steadily, ECore cables have been designed with the future in mind. We are on the brink of the common usage of internet-ready and 3D TVs with extreme resolutions. ECore cables satisfy the requirements of these imminent technologies as well as supporting additional bandwidth for future expansion.

Our Ergo Core line of cables shares the same cornerstone features common to the entire ECore line: 24-Bit Deep Color, 3D-TV compatibility, 4K2K resolution, internet sharing, and ultra fast refresh rates up to 340Mhz. The Ergo Core line has the conductors and an internal structure made of the premium components of the Enhanced Core. The Ergo Core also features an all-metal connector housings. “right”]”The right-angle connectors of Ergo Core are a must if you are mounting your television on the wall.”

Just like the other Ecore HDMI cables, the Ergo core features gold plated corrosion resistant connectors for a lifetime of service. With our cables you will be able to use every available port on your receiver, TV, or HD splitter because we use a low profile connector housing. You can connect multiple cables side by side on your receiver, television, or HD splitter. And all of our cables come with a lifetime replacement warranty.
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  • High Speed HDMI with Ethernet
  • One Right Angle and One Straight Connector
  • Perfect for Wall Mounted TVs
  • 4K 2K Resolution
  • 24 Bit Deep Color
  • 3D TV Support
  • 340 Mhz Refresh Rate
  • CL2 Rated
  • Exceeds HDMI 1.4 Specifications
  • Lifetime Replacement Warranty




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Ergo Core Part Numbers

LengthErgo Core
0.5 Meter41-145-02M
3 Meter41-145-03M
5 Meter41-145-05M