ECore BNC Cables

Our ECore BNC Cable brings the ECore revolution to the most popular coaxial video cable. Our BNC cable is manufactured to the highest standards to provide a combination of excellent performance with reliability you can depend on. The outstanding value of ECore’s BNC Cable has made it a leading choice of installers and technicians.

The ECore BNC Cable is perfect for Ethernet networks, Wi-Fi applications, and radio antenna applications. It is built with a rugged design and shielded cable to block RFI/EMI interference, making it perfect for tough environments.

The ECore BNC Cable features a 20 AWG copper-clad steel center conductor. It has a 50 Ohm impedance with fully molded connectors.

ECore BNC Cables come in a variety of lengths from 1-100 feet to fit your installation needs.

    BNC Male to Male

  • RG58 Coax Cable
  • 50 Ohm
  • 20 AWG Center Conductor
  • 1 FT
  • 3 FT
  • 6 FT
  • 10 FT
  • 25 FT
  • 50 FT
  • 75 FT
  • 100 FT

BNC Cable Part Numbers

1 Foot25-100-001
3 Foot25-100-003
6 Foot25-100-006
10 Foot25-100-010
25 Foot25-100-025
50 Foot25-100-050
75 Foot25-100-075
100 Foot25-100-100