RG-11 Coax Cable

ECore RG-11 Bulk Coaxial Cable

Our ECore Bulk RG-11 Coaxial Cable brings the ECore revolution to the most popular coaxial video cable. Our bulk RG-11 cable is manufactured to the highest standards to provide a combination of excellent performance with reliability you can depend on. The outstanding value of ECore’s RG-11 Coax Cable has made it a leading choice of professional installers and technicians.

ECore RG-11 is perfect for satellite TV, CATV, security cameras and other video applications. It is particularly suited for long runs, which makes it a favorite of installers. The flexible yet rugged jacket makes running the cable easy in just about any environment.

The ECore RG-11 features an 14 AWG copper-clad steel center conductor. An aluminum braid provides 60% shielding coverage and bonded-aluminum foil provides 100% coverage.

“ECore RG-6 is perfect for satellite TV, CATV, security cameras and other video applications.”

For ease of installation, the ECore RG-11 comes in 1000 foot quantities packaged in an easy pull box. The distance is marked sequentially every two feet to provide an easy point of reference.

Our ECore Bulk RG-11 Coaxial Cable delivers the best quality signal with ultimate reliability. In easy-to-use spool, the cable is perfect for commercial and residential installations. With our exceptional quality at incredible value, join us for the ECore revolution!


  • 14 AWG Copper-Clad Steel Center Conductor
  • 60% Braid/100% Foil Shield
  • 1,000 Foot Spool

RG11 Coax Cable Part Numbers

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic”]Length,[align-center]RG11|1000%20Foot,[align-center]80-110-520%20BK%3A1000%20[/vc_table]

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