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ECore Power Cord

Our ECore Power Cords are a high quality solution to replace old, worn out power cords. Our power cords are manufactured to the highest standards to provide a combination of excellent performance with reliability you can depend on. The ECore power cord is used to connect PCs to power distribution units (PDUs). It can also be used to extend existing PC power cords.

ECore Power Cords features 10 amp, 18 AWG connectors. They are built with a sturdy molded design to provide maximum durability and a long life.

ECore Power Cords come in a variety of lengths from 1-25 feet to fit your installation needs.

Nema 5-15 to C13

  • Available in Right Angle or Straight
  • 10 Amp / 250 Volt
  • 18 AWG
  • UL-Listed

C13 to C14 Power Cords

  • 10 Amp / 250 Volt
  • 18 AWG
  • UL-Listed

Power Cord Part Numbers

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic”]Length,[align-center]C14%20to%20C13%20Straight,[align-center]5-15%20to%20C13%20Straight,[align-center]5-15%20to%20C13%20Right%20Angle|1%20Foot,[align-center]44-100-001%20,[align-center]44-107-001%20,[align-center]–|2%20Foot,[align-center]44-100-002%20,[align-center]44-107-002%20,[align-center]–|3%20Foot,[align-center]44-100-003%20,[align-center]44-107-003%20,[align-center]–|6%20Foot,[align-center]44-100-006%20,[align-center]44-107-006%20,[align-center]44-202-006%20|8%20Foot,[align-center]44-100-008%20,[align-center]–,[align-center]–|10%20Foot,[align-center]–,[align-center]–,[align-center]44-202-010%20|12%20Foot,[align-center]44-100-012%20,[align-center]44-107-012%20,[align-center]–|14%20Foot,[align-center]–,[align-center]–,[align-center]44-202-014%20|15%20Foot,[align-center]–,[align-center]44-107-015%20,[align-center]–|25%20Foot,[align-center]–,[align-center]44-107-025%20,[align-center]–[/vc_table]

ECore Dealer Benefits

  • No Minimum Order
  • No Stocking Requirements
  • No Buy-ins
  • Free Blind Drop Ship
  • 24/7 Order Entry
  • Same Day Shipping
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