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ECore VGA Cables

Our ECore VGA Cable is manufactured to the highest standards to provide a combination of excellent performance with reliability you can depend on. The outstanding value of ECore’s VGA cable has made it a leading choice in VGA applications.

The ECore VGA Cable features a low-loss heavy duty design. They are made with double shielding and ferrite beads to help them maintain excellent signal integrity. ECore VGA Cables are built with coax and twisted pairs and features gold-plated contacts for the best connection.

The ECore VGA Cable is a true 15 pin cable which is required in some HDTV applications in order to get the highest resolution possible.

ECore VGA Cables come in a variety of lengths from 3-100 feet to fit your installation needs.


  • All 15 Pins Wired
  • Triple Coax Construction
  • Ferrite Beads
  • HD15 Connectors


  • 3 FT
  • 6 FT
  • 10 FT
  • 15 FT
  • 25 FT
  • 50 FT
  • 75 FT
  • 100 FT

VGA Cable Part Numbers

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic”]Length,[align-center]Male%2FMale,[align-center]Male%2FFemale|3%20Foot,[align-center]43-313-003%20,[align-center]43-347-003%20|6%20Foot,[align-center]43-313-006%20,[align-center]43-347-006%20|10%20Foot,[align-center]43-313-010%20,[align-center]43-347-010%20|15%20Foot,[align-center]43-313-015%20,[align-center]43-347-015%20|25%20Foot,[align-center]43-313-025%20,[align-center]43-347-025%20|50%20Foot,[align-center]43-313-050%20,[align-center]43-347-050%20|75%20Foot,[align-center]43-313-075%20,[align-center]43-347-075%20|100%20Foot,[align-center]43-313-100%20,[align-center]43-347-100%20[/vc_table]

ECore Dealer Benefits

  • No Minimum Order
  • No Stocking Requirements
  • No Buy-ins
  • Free Blind Drop Ship
  • 24/7 Order Entry
  • Same Day Shipping
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