Wall Plates & Inserts

ECore Wall Plates and Inserts

Our ECore Wall Plates and Inserts fit all keystone inserts for data, voice, audio, and visual applications. With these wall plates and inserts, you get the dependability you need while maintaining a professional and finished appearance.

ECore Wall Plates and inserts are available in 1-6 ports in ivory and white to fit your installation needs.

Wall Plates

  • Single Gang
  • Available in Ivory or White
  • Available with 1-6 ports
  • Made from high impact ABS plastic


  • Available in Ivory or White
  • Fit any standard keystone port

Wall Plate and Insert Part Numbers

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic”]Color,[align-center]1%20Port,[align-center]2%20Port,[align-center]3%20Port,[align-center]4%20Port,[align-center]6%20Port,[align-center]Blank%20Inserts|Ivory,[align-center]15-460-101%20IV%20,[align-center]15-460-102%20IV%20,[align-center]15-460-103%20IV%20,[align-center]15-460-104%20IV%20,[align-center]15-460-106%20IV%20,[align-center]15-100-107%20IV%20|White,[align-center]15-460-101%20WH%20,[align-center]15-460-102%20WH%20,[align-center]15-460-103%20WH%20,[align-center]15-460-104%20WH%20,[align-center]15-460-106%20WH%20,[align-center]15-100-107%20WH%20[/vc_table]

ECore Dealer Benefits

  • No Minimum Order
  • No Stocking Requirements
  • No Buy-ins
  • Free Blind Drop Ship
  • 24/7 Order Entry
  • Same Day Shipping
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