Cat5e/Cat6 Bulk Cable

ECore Bulk Cat5e & Cat6 Ethernet Cable

Our ECore Bulk Cat5e/Cat6 Ethernet Cable is manufactured to the highest standards to provide excellent performance and reliability. The outstanding value of ECore’s structured cable has made it a leading choice of professional installers and technicians.

Cat5e is the standard networking technology of home and office. It is commonly used in commercial and residential environments to connect to the Internet. As network connectivity has grown into almost an essential part of daily business, the demand for high-quality network cable at an affordable price has skyrocketed.

Cat6 features an increased bandwidth over the commonly used Cat5e Ethernet cable. As the demands for bandwidth grow, Cat6 is becoming ever more popular. Moreover, Cat6 is backwards compatible so there is no downside to using it in place of Cat5e and thereby ensuring that your installation will be able to meet future bandwidth demands.

ECore offers a range of Bulk Cat5e/Cat6 Ethernet Cable to satisfy the various needs of our customers. The cable comes in nine different colors in an easy-to-use reel box. The PVC jacket is the standard version, which can be used in most situations. The plenum jacket is needed for installation in plenum air-return spaces. Solid-conductor cable is used for long runs while stranded-conductor cable can be made into custom-length patch cables.

“The outstanding value of ECore’s Cat5e Cable has made it a leading choice of professional installers and technicians.”

All of our structured cable meets or exceeds EIA/TIA standards and has been tested to 350 and 550 MHz. Our cable is RoHS Compliant, which means it is free of lead and other hazardous materials. The cable is also UL Listed.

Our ECore Bulk Cat5e Ethernet Cable delivers the fastest connection speeds with ultimate reliability. In easy-to-use reel boxes, the cable is perfect for commercial and residential installations. With our exceptional quality at incredible value, join us for the ECore revolution!

  • Meets Cat5e Standards
  • Tested to 350 MHz
  • UL-Listed
  • RoHS Compliant
  • 1,000 Foot Reel Boxes

  • Meets Cat6 Standards
  • Tested to 550 MHz
  • UL-Listed
  • RoHS Compliant
  • 1,000 Foot Reel Boxes

Cat5e Bulk Ethernet Patch Cable Part Numbers

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic”]Color,[align-center]Solid,[align-center]Stranded,[align-center]Solid%20Outdoor,[align-center]Solid%20Direct%20Burial|Black,[align-center]85-500-215%20BK%3A1000%20,[align-center]85-500-210%20BK%3A1000%20,[align-center]85-500-245%20BK%3A1000%20,[align-center]85-500-240%20BK%3A1000%20|Blue,[align-center]85-500-215%20BL%3A1000%20,[align-center]85-500-210%20BL%3A1000%20,[align-center]–,[align-center]–|Gray,[align-center]85-500-215%20GY%3A1000%20,[align-center]85-500-210%20GN%3A1000%20,[align-center]–,[align-center]–|Green,[align-center]85-500-215%20GN%3A1000%20,[align-center]85-500-210%20OR%3A1000%20,[align-center]–,[align-center]–|Orange,[align-center]85-500-215%20OR%3A1000%20,[align-center]85-500-210%20PK%3A1000%20,[align-center]–,[align-center]–|Purple,[align-center]85-500-215%20PR%3A1000%20,[align-center]85-500-210%20PR%3A1000%20,[align-center]–,[align-center]–|Red,[align-center]85-500-215%20RD%3A1000%20,[align-center]85-500-210%20RD%3A1000%20,[align-center]–,[align-center]–|White,[align-center]85-500-215%20WH%3A1000%20,[align-center]85-500-210%20WH%3A1000%20,[align-center]–,[align-center]–|Yellow,[align-center]85-500-215%20YL%3A1000%20,[align-center]85-500-210%20YL%3A1000%20,[align-center]–,[align-center]–[/vc_table]

Cat6 Bulk Ethernet Patch Cable Part Numbers

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic”]Color,[align-center]Solid|Black,[align-center]85-600-315%20BK%3A1000%20|Blue,[align-center]85-600-315%20BL%3A1000%20|Gray,[align-center]85-600-315%20GY%3A1000%20|Green,[align-center]85-600-315%20GN%3A1000%20|Orange,[align-center]85-600-315%20OR%3A1000%20|Purple,[align-center]85-600-315%20PR%3A1000%20|Red,[align-center]85-600-315%20RD%3A1000%20|White,[align-center]85-600-315%20WH%3A1000%20|Yellow,[align-center]85-600-315%20YL%3A1000%20[/vc_table]

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