Cat5e/Cat6 Jacks

ECore Cat5e/Cat6 Ethernet Keystone Jacks

Our ECore Cat5e/Cat6 Ethernet Keystone Jacks bring the ECore combination of performance and value to this staple of networking technology. A necessity in practically any LAN, these classic Cat5e keystones will fit all standard keystone patch panels, wall plates, and surface mount boxes. Get the dependability you need while saving money by choosing ECore’s keystone jacks.

“A necessity in practically any LAN, these classic keystones will fit all standard keystone patch panels, wall plates, and surface mount boxes.”

ECore Ethernet Keystone Jacks are primarily designed for use in office LANs but can also be used by advanced home users. The jacks feature a dual-row IDC orientation on the rear termination, which provides a narrow profile and allows greater space saving. Each jack has a color coded diagram printed on the rear for easy reference when terminating the jacks. Available in nine different colors, these jacks can be used to color coordinate blank patch panels or match the color of a wall plate or surface-mount box.

All of our Ethernet Keystone Jacks meet or exceed EIA/TIA standards. The rear-termination is a standard 110-type punchdown IDC. The jacks are also UL-listed.

  • Front Connector: RJ45
  • Rear Termination: 110 Type IDC
  • 9 Colors
  • Meet EIA/TIA Standard
  • TSB 568A or 568B (AT&T 258A) UL-Listed
  • Gold Plated Contacts

  • Black
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Ivory
  • Orange
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow

Cat5e/Cat6 Jack Part Numbers

[vc_table vc_table_theme=”classic”]Color,Cat5e%20Dual%20Row,[align-center]Cat6%20Dual%20Row,[align-center]Cat5e%20Shielded,[align-center]Cat6%20Shielded,[align-center]Cat5e%20Coupler,[align-center]Cat6%20Coupler|Black,Dual%20Row,[align-center]15-613-170%20BK%20,[align-center]526,[align-center]15-168-600%20SH%20,[align-center]525,[align-center]524|Blue,Dual%20Row,[align-center]15-613-170%20BL%20,[align-center]–,[align-center]–,[align-center]–,[align-center]–|Gray,Dual%20Row,[align-center]15-613-170%20GY%20,[align-center]–,[align-center]–,[align-center]–,[align-center]–|Green,Dual%20Row,[align-center]15-613-170%20GN%20,[align-center]–,[align-center]–,[align-center]–,[align-center]–|Ivory,Dual%20Row,[align-center]15-613-170%20IV%20,[align-center]–,[align-center]–,[align-center]–,[align-center]–|Orange,Dual%20Row,[align-center]15-613-170%20OR%20,[align-center]–,[align-center]–,[align-center]–,[align-center]–|Red,Dual%20Row,[align-center]15-613-170%20RD%20,[align-center]–,[align-center]–,[align-center]–,[align-center]–|White,Dual%20Row,[align-center]15-613-170%20WH%20,[align-center]–,[align-center]–,[align-center]–,[align-center]–|Yellow,Dual%20Row,[align-center]15-613-170%20YL%20,[align-center]–,[align-center]–,[align-center]–,[align-center]–[/vc_table]

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