ECore Fiber Optic Patch Cables

Fiber optic patch cables are designed to send more data further distances at faster spends than a copper network.  ECore Fiber Optic Cables are designed to be used in the most critical systems.  They are made with corning glass, polished for maximum mating, and feature low insertion and return loss.   They are available in OS2, OM1, and OM2 configurations with any combination of the most popular fiber connectors.  Every fiber cable is individually tested to ensure the highest quality.


  • LC-LC
  • LC-SC
  • LC-ST
  • SC-SC
  • SC-ST
  • ST-ST

Singlemode 9/125 Fiber Optic Patch Cable Part Numbers

1 Meter30-107-01M 30-111-01M 30-112-01M 30-125-01M 30-126-01M 30-127-01M
2 Meter30-107-02M 30-111-02M 30-112-02M 30-125-02M 30-126-02M 30-127-02M
3 Meter30-107-03M 30-111-03M 30-112-03M 30-125-03M 30-126-03M 30-127-03M
5 Meter30-107-05M 30-111-05M 30-112-05M 30-125-05M 30-126-05M 30-127-05M
10 Meter30-107-10M 30-111-10M 30-112-10M 30-125-10M 30-126-10M 30-127-10M
15 Meter30-107-15M 30-111-15M 30-112-15M 30-125-15M 30-126-15M 30-127-15M

OM1 62.5/125 Fiber Optic Patch Cable Part Numbers

1 Meter34-507-01M 34-511-01M 34-512-01M 34-525-01M 34-526-01M 34-527-01M
2 Meter34-507-02M 34-511-02M 34-512-02M 34-525-02M 34-526-02M 34-527-02M
3 Meter34-507-03M 34-511-03M 34-512-03M 34-525-03M 34-526-03M 34-527-03M
5 Meter34-507-05M 34-511-05M 34-512-05M 34-525-05M 34-526-05M 34-527-05M
10 Meter34-507-10M 34-511-10M 34-512-10M 34-525-10M 34-526-10M 34-527-10M
15 Meter34-507-15M 34-511-15M 34-512-15M 34-525-15M 34-526-15M 34-527-15M

OM2 50/125 Fiber Optic Patch Cable Part Numbers

1 Meter32-307-01M 32-311-01M 32-312-01M 32-325-01M 32-327-01M 32-329-01M
2 Meter32-307-02M 32-311-02M 32-312-02M 32-325-02M 32-327-02M 32-329-02M
3 Meter32-307-03M 32-311-03M 32-312-03M 32-325-03M 32-327-03M 32-329-03M
5 Meter32-307-05M 32-311-05M 32-312-05M 32-325-05M 32-327-05M 32-329-05M
10 Meter32-307-10M 32-311-10M 32-312-10M 32-325-10M 32-327-10M 32-329-10M
15 Meter32-307-15M 32-311-15M 32-312-15M 32-325-15M 32-327-15M 32-329-15M