RJ45 Connectors & Boots

ECore RJ45 connectors and boots are designed to provide reliable connectivity for the entire life of your cable. RJ45 connectors are manufactured with high impact polycarbonate and gold contacts. They are available for shielded or unshielded Cat5e and Cat6 and can fit solid, stranded, or flat cable.

Strain relief boots help preserve the life of the cable by preventing fatiguing and strain on the connection point. They are available in a number of different colors to match the cable you are working with.


  • Cat5e RJ45 for Stranded Cable
  • TCat5e RJ45 for Solid Cable
  • Cat5e RJ45 for Flat Cable
  • Cat5e RJ45 for Shielded Stranded Cable
  • Cat5e RJ45 for Shielded Solid Cable
  • Cat6 RJ45 for Solid or Stranded Cable with Guide
  • Cat6 RJ45 for Solid or Stranded Cable without Guide
  • Cat6 RJ45 for Shielded Solid Cable


  • Black
  • Blue
  • Gray
  • Green
  • Orange
  • Red
  • White
  • Yellow

RJ45 Connector Part Numbers

TypeCat5e RatedCat5e ShieldedCat6 Rated
Stranded Cable553599
Solid Cable597598593
Flat Cable562
With Guide549
Without Guide547

RJ45 Adapter Part Numbers

ColorCat5e CouplerCat6 CouplerRJ45 CouplerRJ45 Splitter F/F/FRJ45 Splitter M/F/F

RJ45 Boot Part Numbers