ECore Telephone Handset Cords

Our ECore Telephone Handset Cords bring the ECore combination of performance and value to this staple of communications technology. A necessity in almost every office, handset cords provide a clear, static free, connection. Get the dependability you need while saving money by choosing ECore’s phone cords. “right”]”A necessity in almost every office.”

Ecore telephone cords are universally compatible with all phones. They have a flame retardant PVC jacket and gold plated contacts. They have been certified for quality by Underwriter Laboratories (UL). They are available in 14 colors, 3 sizes, with two different leads. We have the cables your customers demand.


  • RJ22 4P4C Connector
  • Compatible with Most Phones
  • PVC Jacket
  • Gold Contacts
  • UL-Listed


  • Flat Black
  • Gloss Black
  • Dark Gray
  • Cisco Gray
  • Gray
  • Light Gray
  • White
  • Cherry Red
  • Brown
  • Ash
  • NT Ash
  • Dark Ash
  • Off White
  • Beige

Telephone Handset Cord Part Numbers

Color6 Foot12 Foot25 Foot
Flat Black15-700-006 FFB 15-700-012 FFB 15-700-025 FFB
Black Gloss15-700-006 FBK 15-700-012 FBK 15-700-025 FBK
Dark Gray15-700-006 FMG 15-700-012 FMG 15-700-025 FMG
Medium Gray15-700-006 FDG 15-700-012 FDG 15-700-025 FDG
Gray15-700-006 FGY 15-700-012 FGY 15-700-025 FGY
White15-700-006 FWH 15-700-012 FWH 15-700-025 FWH
Off-White15-700-006 FOW 15-700-012 FOW 15-700-025 FOW
Ash15-700-006 FAI 15-700-012 FAI 15-700-025 FAI
Dark Ash15-700-006 FAR 15-700-012 FAR 15-700-025 FAR
Beige15-700-006 FBG 15-700-012 FBG 15-700-025 FBG