At home 3D TV is becoming feasible. With current technological advancements, 3D viewing without glasses is right around the corner. With the latest update, HDMI 1.4, allows standardization of 3D protocols allowing direction communication through the HDMI cable. This standardization allows for 3D gaming and 3D cinema at 1080p.

As 3D technology is an ever evolving system, HDMI cables allow for several different approaches to 3D. We support the following 3D technolgies:

  • Frame, line, or field alternative 3D
  • Side by side, both full and half, 3D
  • 2D plus 3D

To enjoy 3D at home make sure your devices support 3D TV, but also choose the right cable. All of our High Speed HDMI with Ethernet cables support 3D. Choose ECore Cables and be ready for the future.