HDMI has become the standard connector for high definition audio and video. With the latest revision HDMI can now provide an Ethernet data channel inside the same small connector housing. This has potential to really save consumers time and money when setting up their A/V system.

Previously, consumers had to run separate Ethernet cables to each device. One to the gaming system, one to the TV, one to the Blue-Ray player, one to the DVR, etc. These cable runs increases clutter, price, frustration, and can lead to expensive network upgrades as multiple devices all need ports. No longer is this a problem. For all Ethernet channel ready devices you can run one cable and be done. Simply connect an Ethernet cable to your TV and all other devices can share that same signal. This allows for Bi-directional communication up to 100 megabytes a second.


  • Supports advanced networking features like DLNA, IPTV, and UpnP.
  • Multiple devices can share the same port on your router or modem
  • Allows for network synchronization of content distribution for recording or playback
  • One cable for all. HDMI now supports audio, video, and data.

Make sure your devices support HDMI Ethernet Channel technology.  Make sure you are using the right HDMI cable.  All of our ECore cables feature Ethernet channel support.