The HDMI 1.4 specification allows TVs to send audio data upstream to a receiver or surround sound controller. This eliminates the need to run a separate cable for audio and allows you to customize your A/V system to your liking. One cable can now do it all.

Typically, TVs are placed downstream from a receiver, but if your TV has a built in DVD player, Blue-Ray player, or tuner you would have to connect a new cable to send the audio back upstream to the receiver. Now this back and forth relationship can be solved with a single HDMI cable which can send data upstream or downstream.

This also allows LipSync Technology to flow upstream or downstream to any device. Furthermore, it will compensate automatically for any processor delays to make sure the audio and video are locked in perfect time.

Make sure you have the right technology for proper audio delivery. All of our HDMI cables are equipped with an Audio Return Channel. Choose ECore Cables now and for the future.