HDMI cables have undergone a recent change. With the ratifications of version 1.4, five different standards of HDMI cables are available on the market. This can be confusing and lead consumers to choose the wrong cable.

Standard HDMI Cable

Standard HDMI cables can run video resolutions up to 1080i or 720p. These cables do not support the popular 1080p resolution size or provide support for future screen sizes like 1440p or 4k. They do not support next generation technologies like 3D or Deep Color. Only choose Standard HDMI cables if you are working with older technology and will not upgrade in the future.

Standard HDMI Cable with Ethernet

These cables support the same video sizes as Standard HDMI cables, but include an Ethernet signal to share between devices.

High Speed HDMI Cable

These cables support resolutions four times larger than 1080p. They also support next generation technologies like 3D, deep color, audio return, and more. If you use blue-ray it is essential that you use a High Speed HDMI cable.

High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet

These cables support all of the features of a High Speed HDMI cable and also include an Ethernet channel. By including an Ethernet channel all supported devices can share a single Ethernet connection. No longer will you have to run separate cables to each device. The bi-directional Ethernet sharing supports data transfers up to 100 megabytes a second.

Automotive HDMI Cable

A special cable designed for the automotive industry that provides a robust durability and high performance.

About ECore Cables

All of our cables are High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet certified. This means our cables will continue to perform even as your A/V system evolves.